What’s the Message? Reflection on the Lost Election


Let us set aside the debate about any Republican tactical missteps or the general question of Nice Guy against Street Fighter.

More profitable for Catholics may be the reflection on what it means that 50% of us–our nation– are willing to sacrifice economic stability in order to insure liberal social mores. Exit polls indicate a majority of voters listed the economy at the top of their worry list, yet, still preferred Obama to Romney. Their reasons essentially came to this: Women’s rights, same-sex unions, and “fairness” by which most mean income redistribution.

Here is a clip from the oh-so-erudite New Yorker Magazine:

Nearly as pleasing as Obama’s surprisingly easy reëlection—and, to me at least, rather more surprising—was the electorate’s nearly across-the-board embrace of cultural and social liberalism and, implicitly, of secularism… In Maine, Maryland, and Washington, for the first time anywhere, initiatives to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples were on the ballot. All three passed—a gigantic breakthrough. In a fourth state, Minnesota, voters rejected a ban on gay marriage. This had never happened before, either; what had happened before, thirty-two times, was that such bans were approved, sometimes overwhelmingly. The pro-equality majorities this time were small, between fifty-one and fifty-three per cent, but they were unprecedented. The change is stunning. It’s epochal. And it shows signs of being permanent.

Author Hertzberg  is effusive–the victory is a “gigantic breakthrough” and “the change is stunning…epochal”

………………I fear he is correct.   Notice–it was NOT about the economy for them.  The Republicans utterly missed that.  No, Democrats understood that Obama is wrecking the economy but they did not care. Simply stated, for many of them the compelling  issue is the culture war.   And it should have been for us too–the nation is so divided, now, that a even the hemorrhaging economy is tolerable, but Christian values are not.

The bishops begin their November deliberations on Monday, and “what do we do now?” is the subtext of every agenda item.  What we may need is a blueprint for charitable but firm civil disobedience.

Link to upcoming USSCB meeting http://www.usccb.org/news/2012/12-156.cfm


******** some have emailed to ask where they may find my article from 2008 0n Obama and Saul Alinsky. Here is a link to “The Other Side of Change:”


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Same-sex unions and Catholic public engagement

July 22

Please see my newest column and the discussion at Inside Catholic

on “Sins of Omission: Catholics, Marriage and Politics”

Surely, for many Catholics, the matter of “fairness” for homosexual persons that we love is a wrenching dilemma. Most of us know or work with wonderful people who struggle with same-sex attraction. It’s natural to want happy and healthy lives for our family members, friends and colleagues. However, the homosexual lifestyle does not lead to happiness or health.

The information on violence and disease that accompanies the homosexual sub-culture is suppressed. Few understand that to approve or promote the lifestyle as a “fairness” issue is a grave injustice to the person with same-sex attraction. It sells a lie–that they will find happiness in a disordered lifestyle.

If we truly love, we do what is right for the other, not what is expedient and comfortable for us.

* * *

“Bless me father for I have sinned” … how often do we fail Christ because we neglect to inform ourselves about what the Church teaches? Scripture and Magisterial teachings prohibit same sex acts, same-sex unions–and when we shrink from teaching and speaking this truth “in season and out” then we fail Christ.

Please read this document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on legalizing same-sex unions.

Hopeful information: Gender Identity Disorder can be observed in little children as young as four-five years old. Competent professionals can reverse the confusion if the child is given help early.

Resources include

Gender Identity Disorder in Children


California: The Perfect Storm

RADIO ALERT:  I’ll be discussing the California Court’s decision and the importance of marriage tomorrow (may 21) on KBVM 88.3 FM at 8:00 am PST.  (Portland Oregon and surrounding area)

Listen LIVE: www.kbvm.fm

UPDATE: Will California Court’s decision stand?

This morning the state of California’s Supreme Court voted overwhelmingly to overturn the California citizens’ ban on same-sex unions. This is a very significant set back for marriage in the USA because they ruled a right to marriage to be a “natural” right on par with free speech. Very troubling is the fact that the majority of the judges were republican, as is the “Governator” who has said he will support the ruling.

California voters will again vote on the matter in November’s general election–the people have raised the required number of petition signatures to put a marriage amendment on the ballot. But even if they pass a Marriage Amendment, this same state supreme court will likely over turn it again.

Add to that California’s ruling that against homseschooling and we have a “perfect storm” brewing. Where same-sex unions a legal, “married” homosexuals will be demonstrative i public, text books, children’s books and every cultural venue will feature images of homosexuality.

Those families whose moral, ethical and religious convictions oppose same-sex unions will be subject to some version of “hate speech” ordinances/legislation. Those who can will move from the state. Also, those couples whose unions are not legal in their home states will migrate to California.

Florida and several other states now have marriage amendments on the November ballots. In each state the homosexual lobby is poised to challenge the outcomes.

It is not difficult to see a very troubling horizon.

The Pope Connects the Dots on Marriage

“…in less than three years of his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI has spoken publicly about marriage on 111 occasions. His pronouncements connect marriage to such overarching themes as human rights, world peace, and the conversation between faith and reason.”

This is the lead of Maggie Gallagher’s recent article on Pope Benedict and Marriage-really worth reading.

I made a similar point about the Pope’s insight –how he connects the dots from the family to global peace and prosperity–in this recent WorldNet Daily article.

The matter of marriage will be enormous in the 2008 election. Both of the democratic candidates will work for passage of a “gay-rights” bill. The storm of the Texas polygamy case continues in the media–yet another whap to those of us who realize that marriage must be defended in LAW, in the culture, in social policy…

Many states will have marriage amendments on the ballot as well.

It is crucial that Catholics are prepared to promote marriage as a legal definition that confines the elements of marriage to the exclusive bond of one man and one woman. (Catholics would like the “permanent bond” wording, but in a secular society accustomed to easy divorce that is not politically viable. )

The topic is very tender for many families. There can be no condemnation of persons who struggle with same-sex attraction. Yet, we must confront the organized and determined homosexual agenda.

Here is a link to a debate in which I participated (with an attorney for a “gay-rights” organization) on the subject of legalizing same-sex unions.

When the Pope received Catholic Mary Ann Glendon, a Harvard Law professor, as the new US Ambassador to the Vatican in February, he stressed the need for America to insure “the safeguarding of the institution of marriage, acknowledged as a stable union between a man and a woman, and that of the family.”

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