Blunt Bishops—Thank God!

Recently a shiny new priest used a daily mass homily–five minutes, max–to read a few choice writings  from St. John Vianney.  Fr. Newly Ordained marveled at the boldness of the Curé d’ Ars,  who is the patron of priests.  The young priest observed that in some dioceses you’d be sent packing just for reading those lines.

Sadly, this is so. But as often we are inspired  by a “holy boldness” when a bishop speaks out forcefully and, dare I say, bluntly.  We need plain speech when souls are in the balance.

Here is one such statement from Bp. David Ricken:

“Calling the 2012 election “a turning point in our country’s history,” Bishop David Ricken urged Catholics of the Diocese of Green Bay to remember “the set of non-negotiables” as they cast their ballots.

“These are areas that are ‘intrinsically evil’ and cannot be supported by anyone who is a believer in God or the common good or the dignity of the human person,” said Bishop Ricken. “They are:

  • 1. abortion
  • 2. euthanasia
  • 3. embryonic stem cell research
  • 4. human cloning
  • 5. homosexual “marriage”

“Some candidates and one party have even chosen some of these as their party’s or their personal political platform,” Bishop Ricken added. “To vote for someone in favor of these positions means that you could be morally ‘complicit’ with these choices which are intrinsically evil. This could put your own soul in jeopardy.”

The full story is here.


Obama’s Contraception Ads


Perhaps nothing has been as deliberately misleading as the Obama campaign’s “war on women” rhetoric. Each preys on a woman’s supposed fear that contraception will go the way of the Dodo bird ( make that Big Bird)

Now comes a new ad for Obama written by HBO’s Lena Dunham, creative “talent” behind the channel’s Girls program. The ad suggests a girl’s “first time”  should be…Obama. OK, it only hints that “first time” is a loss of virginity, then, SURPRISE!  No no, silly, the first time a college age contraceptive using girl becomes a woman is when she votes for Obama. You decide:

Nationally syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker calls Obama’s contraception ploy a “pseudo -debate.”  She wrote;

“The contraception issue never would have come up but for Obama’s decision to force the hand of the Catholic Church. By placing religious institutions in the position of having to provide health insurance to pay for contraception as well as sterilization, which, agree or not, are against church teaching, Obama created the conversation…many religious institutions, including University of Notre Dame, that have sued the Obama administration on First Amendment grounds.”

About Dunham’s ad for Obama, Parker wrote, “A message to young women that losing one’s virginity is top of the bucket list, but first you gotta vote for the president who will give you free contraception.

The same ol’ culture wars. But, of course, women have had access to birth control for decades and no one is trying to take it away. Anyone who suggests otherwise may have been spending too much time with Big Bird.”

Bravo Ms. Parker!

Archbishop of Miami Files Suit Against HHS mandate

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of  Miami has filed suit against the Obama Administration’s Health and Human Services Mandate–a directive about compulsory coverage of contraceptives, sterilization and chemical abortifacients  within Obamacare.

“The HHS mandate represents a real threat … we cannot just sit back and let our religious freedoms be taken away from us,” Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski of Miami told CNA Oct. 19.

The archdiocese in the person of Archbishop Wenski, Catholic Health Services, and Catholic Hospice are the plaintiffs in the suit. It challenges the mandate as a violation of Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and of three parts of the First Amendment: its free exercise, establishment, and free speech clauses.

“If we can rescind the mandate, we will be able to maintain our freedom to serve in ways that are congruent with our Catholic identity and our Catholic principles, and therefore (the rule) will not present us with an obstacle that could in fact jeopardize our individual salvation,” Archbishop Wenski said.

Archbishop Wenski emphasized that the suit would help the Church in Miami continue providing health services and other care to the people of southern Florida.

“These health services that we offer and our Catholic charities … are a witness to what we believe about the human person, about human dignity, which is informed by our faith,” he explained.

Full Story here

The Contraceptive Vote

October 16th

Women  want more than “pelvic politics”.  Newest Gallup poll indicates women in swing  states are taking a new look at the Romney/ Ryan positions.   It is important that Catholics make their voices heard–too many women, even Catholics, have the impression that a Romney victory means the end of access to birth control.  Not so. The Republican platform says nothing about contraceptive access. Rather it defends religious freedom–the right of people of conscience to not be coerced into paying for an immoral act. Contraception will be just as available as it is now– it simply protects Catholics from coercion.

Obama: Catholics and other Christians will be forced to pay for contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion inducing drugs under  Obamacare. Thus, over 50 dioceses and catholic organizations have filed suit against the administration  seeking relief under the   religious liberty provision of the Constitution.

Romney:   Contraceptives remain available as they are today. Catholics and others not forced to pay for such services.

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