Republicans Wander in the Wilderness

The shock of losing the 2012 presidential election set the GOP back on its heels. Many in GOP leadership are wandering in the wilderness–lurching from one foolish idea to the next.  Oddly, they are deaf to their true base and have  no idea which path leads to a victory for 2016.

“Ken Mehlman is either deluded or disingenuous. The former chairman of the Republican National Committee is among those now trying to bring the Republican Party around to the cause of gay marriage.”  More here.

Mehlman  and his ilk are 180 degrees off base.  The Democrats “own” the permissive sexual platform. No GOP  who chirps “me too!” and hops aboard the wagon to social decay will win a single Republican Senate seat, much less the White House. Republicans will fail again in 2014 and 2016 if they head down the path of Republican Lite. (see Social Decline and the GOP)

The road ahead is a steep arduous journey.  And,  one wonders if Republicans have the stomach for it.  Notice that the “progressive” Americans won’t vote for decent moral values unless and until leadership– cultural, political and most of all, religious–calls the nation back to the founding morality.  Let’s dispense with any illusions that the country was built by free-thinking deists. That there were such persons of influence is true. But their views were not codified in the Constitution.  The far greater weight goes to those Founders and early leaders who insisted that as a nation we must be virtuous citizens, self reliant,  and faithful to God.

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