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Nov. 15, 2012

Post election stories abound–I’ll spare you.  Instead here are a few news items that may be of interest this week.


In the How to Lose the Culture War From Within department, “Catholic” Fordham University has invited arch-fruitcake Peter Singer to campus for a shindig entitled “Conference with Peter Singer: Christians and Other Animals: Moving the Conversation Forward.”

Yes, Virginia, THAT Peter Singer:  The infanticide promoter, the animal rights trump infant rights, bestiality and necrophilia  approving “philosopher.”   More here if you can stomach it.  Want to leave a word or two for the  university’s  president? Dial (212) 636-6000.


In the Science Is On the Side of Life  department, an amazing  report of  Scott Routley, a man in a “persistent vegetative state” (PVS) whose brain waves prove his response to  a researcher’s directives.  Those who insist that victims like Terri Schiavo “are no longer in this world” will have to find another argument for their headlong rush to euthanasia.   This development comes just when organizers are trying to gather sufficient signatures to put euthanasia on more state ballots for 2014.

“By analyzing brain waves through a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine (fMRI), researchers were able to communicate with Scott Routley, a man who in the eyes of the medical world was a complete vegetable.

Routley was able to communicate to a research team that he was not in pain. The event was broadcast on the BBC’s Panorama program earlier this week.

Lead researcher Dr. Adrian Owen called the communication with Routley a “landmark moment” saying that “for the first time, a patient can actually tell us information, important information about how they’re feeling and their current situation.”

Dr. Owen, the head of the Brain and Mind Institute at the University of Western Ontario, explained to The Star that when the patient was told to imagine doing certain activities, the MRI scanner immediately picked up that specific activity in his brain.

More at Lifesite News, here.


For the Take Action department, this weekend in most dioceses there will be a second collection for Catholic Campaign for Human Development. (CCHD)  Don’t give that socialist organization one sou of your hard-earned money.  CCHD had its birth in Saul Alinsky’s “community organizing”  Marxism.   Unknown to most trusting Catholics in the pew, who believe CCHD is “helping the poor,” CCHD does not give your money to the poor themselves–oh no, it funds other organizations that are reported to teach the poor how change their circumstances via community agitation–er, “organizing.”   In some cases those organizations in turn funded abortions and same-sex unions advocacy.   No “poor” are served meals, given a bed for the night or sent to school to learn marketable skills.  Your  money goes to another layer of bureaucracy, and leftist at that.  Some of the organizations  who receive CCHD grants include ACORN–uh-huh, THAT ACORN.  Yes, you read that correctly–your CATHOLIC money, intended for the poor, your sacrificial offering, goes to Marxist political organizations.   IN 2008 the cry against CCHD was uncomfortable enough that the USCCB addressed the “restructuring” of  CHD.   Read an excellent First Things article on CHD here.


September 2012

If you’re visiting the first time this Digest will make you scratch your head.  Yes, there has been news since January 2009, but, no, this blog did not post to the Digest page (or any page) for the last few years.

After an absence of so long it may take a few weeks to get all the pages updated and recover the former rhythm.   Soon, I’ll be posting a weekly digest of news stories that caught my attention.  Meanwhile,  there is a link on the left sidebar of the main page to various Catholic new services.

January 2009

A new year in which to view world events through the eyes of faith.

May God grant each of  us a blessed New Year in faith.

Searching for solid info on the election? Need help urging others to vote responsibly? Here are articles and commentary worth every minute.

The Single Most Important Reason to Vote

Kindergarten Gay Day (Why we need the Marriage Amendment)

Why Abortion and War are not Equivalent

Faithful Catholics and American Catholics (Cdl. Rigali)

Obama and Abortion  & Roe v. Wade in his own words (no graphic images)

Fifty Bishops Say Abortion is what this election is about

* * *


Today, August 2, you can receive a very special plenary indulgence. See

here for information of the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels.  (tip to Tea at Trianon)

News reports and links for discerning citizens. This page updates frequently

July 6th

Divorce is dreadful, and reconciliation is difficult: Anglicans seek secret Vatican meeting

and more on Anglican angst over homosexual “marriages”

June 29th

Europe groans in uncertainty.

Those who have Pope Benedict’s EUROPE are already familiar with his main point–unleashing of Europe from it’s Christian roots and the failure of faith lead inexorably to a loss of culture and identity. “Western Civilization” does not exist apart from “Athens and Jerusalem”, that is, apart from the Judeo-Christian heritage that civilized Europe. The message for Americans? There, but for a decade, go we…unless we make a sharp course correction.

(see additional stories on Europe’s anti-Christian policies in news links below)

Father’s Day cards Banned in Scotland (offends lesbians)

June 24th


“Bertha Bugarin was arrested on June 19 and jailed in San Diego on ten felony counts and one misdemeanor for practicing medicine and prescribing drugs without a license. Bugarin, who has no medical training, owns five abortion mills in Southern California and has been posing as a doctor and performing abortions illegally for $500.

Bugarin’s abortion chain, Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy, preys on Hispanic women, and would often pass out abortion discount coupons in Hispanic neighborhoods.

Thus far, nine women have come forward with stories of botched abortions received at Bugarin’s hand.”

Read More Here

June 6th

Ireland may prevent the EU ‘s Lisbon Treaty, an anti-sovereignty totalitarian move to creat a European Super-state.

May 29th

Sampling of anti-Christian policy in EU:

Cross flag deemed “racist” in UK

Cdl Ratzinger on Christian Malaise in the West

Spanish Bishop warns of Anti-Christian movements

Cal Thomas on the Surrender Syndrome

Vatican charitable status questioned by EU

EU’s Religious Test for Political service

May 15th

You Don’t Have a Prayer” (Indiana bill would prohibit name, “Jesus” in prayers said at public venues)



Pope declines to wear “pop” Pope-wear.

Pope Benedict has refused to wear specially designed vestments with Australian motifs – hailed as “chic clergy couture” by organisers – for his World Youth Day final mass.

The Australian reports that the “earthy-red” coloured vestments feature the Southern Cross constellation on the front and an indigenous feature titled “Marjorie’s Bird” on the back.

But the pope may wear some variation on the vestment design, a WYD spokeswoman told the paper.

Melbourne author and John Paul II Institute Dean Dr Tracey Rowland said she had not seen the WYD vestments, but the Pope would think it was very important that any symbols featured on the clothing were “explicitly and unequivocally Christian”.

According to Dr Rowland, author of a recently published book about the Pope titled Ratzinger’s Faith, Pope Benedict was totally opposed to what he called “utility” music in the liturgy.

A good article on the Pope at the U.N.

Pope Couture? Sure!!

Lost Boys–how the polygamous cults keep the ratio of 3 girls to 1 boy.

Netherlands and Gay-marriage Circus

THE HAGUE, 16/04/08 – Marriage registrars who refuse to perform same-sex marriages must also be denied from performing marriages between men and women, the Equal Treatment Commission (CGB) ruled yesterday.

In October 2007, the municipality of Langedijk placed an ad for two marriage registrars. The municipality demanded that applicants be prepared to conduct both heterosexual and same-sex marriages.

The CGB judged yesterday that municipalities may indeed make this requirement. A local authority is “not violating the equal treatment law if it refuses to appoint a marriage registrar who does not wish to marry persons of the same sex on grounds of religion”.

CGB simultaneously released a new guideline. This instructs municipalities and other interested parties how to act in similar cases.

The CGB is an advisory court. Its rulings can be used in real court cases. The courts usually uphold CGB verdicts.

Christian government party ChristenUnie declared it was disappointed about this “unnecessarily harsh approach”, according to MP Anker. “This ruling does not help us further in the search for a careful balance between groups in society with differing beliefs” about gay marriage.

Hillary, Obama compete for Catholic voters

Italy elects “Center-right” candidate Berlusconi

Berlusconi ‘s victory represents a growing fear of recession in Europe, but also a move toward traditional family values. Despite his questioned business practices, the media magnate turned politician is a vocal proponent of the inclusion of Europe’s Christian roots in the proposed EU constitution. He was president of Italy during President Bush’s first term, later ousted by the socialists. His return is seen as a response to Italy’s growing financial and social woes.

** Interview with President Bush before the Papal Visit What the Pope will say to America .

German Lawmakers Loosen Limits on Stem Cell Research

German scientists have welcomed a decision by German lawmakers to loosen a law on importing stem cells, saying it is essential to allow them to compete internationally. However the Catholic Church is vehemently opposed to the new regulation.

<!– OAS_RICH(‘Middle2’); // –>

German lawmakers have voted to loosen the limits on stem cell research.

AP/ Shinya Yamanaka

German lawmakers have voted to loosen the limits on stem cell research.

German Jews Demand Vatican Retract Pope Benedict’s Good Friday Prayer for the Jewish People. Crucial link between male-female complementarity and child development: A strong marriage also provides for complementary problem-solving, “Two heads are better than one”. The second thing is the gender issue, a controversial area. Men and women bring different things to the parenting table: biologically life is not possible without both, and it makes sense that psychologically the same be true. Human Trafficking : Eggs and Human Tissue “…harvesting of egg cells poses a high medical risk to the life and health of women.” And, “despite the possibility of serious effects on women’s life and health, the high price paid for egg cells incites and encourages donation, given the relative poverty of the donors.” Gross National Happiness: Religious people are happier people? Arthur Brooks is the author of Gross National Happiness. According to AEI, “He finds that there is a real “happiness gap” in America today, and it lies disconcertingly close to America’s cultural and political fault lines. The great divide between the happy and the unhappy in America, Brooks shows, is largely due to differences in social and cultural values. The values that bring happiness are faith, charity, hard work, optimism, and individual liberty. Secularism, excessive reliance on the state to solve problems, and an addiction to security all promote unhappiness.” Read more from the Economist Magazine Russian news agency reports Greek Orthodox Church roiled over proposed same-sex unions in Greece. KING ABDULLAH and THE POPEabdul-pope.jpg “I want to call for conferences between the religions to protect humanity from folly,” he said in a speech where he spoke positively of his meeting last year with Pope Benedict. Cross on Swiss Referee’s Whistle Enrages Saudis A soccer referee refused to discard his whistle for a game in Saudi Arabia despite threats to his safety. The whistle (3 inches??) sports the logo of the red cross-the Swiss Flag. But because Saudi’s see all crosses as the “Crusader” symbol, they demanded another whistle be used. The news value of this story is NOT in the report of silly tantrums by Saudi soccer fans. The value is in demonstrating how confident Islamic activists are in their demands against anything–however minor–remotely “Christian” and that is indicative of the battle we have on our hands. (related story, see post on home page The Pope and the Mustard Seed) Irish government readies proposal for same-sex unions Dublin, Apr. 1, 2008 ( – The Irish government will soon introduce legislation giving same-sex couples most of the legal benefits of marriage, the Irish Times reports. Man seeks pregnancy? Woman has sex-change operations, legally “male,” married to a woman, but now is seeking to have a baby– “I am transgender, legally male, and legally married to Nancy. Unlike those in same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, or civil unions, Nancy and I are afforded the more than 1,100 federal rights of marriage. Sterilization is not a requirement for sex reassignment, so I decided to have chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy but kept my reproductive rights. Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.” Read more. Massive Mosque being built in Strasbourg France: The significance of the “Grand Mosque of Strasbourg” is the same as if a “Grand Mosque” were under construction in Washington D.C. Strasbourg is the seat of the European Union (along with Brussels). Incredibly, the city of Strasbourg contributed 600,000 Euros for the project. This mosque is an expression if Islamic confidence in their ability to dominate European social policy in the years ahead. Pray for Europe. Coptic Priest is Islam’s Public Enemy # 1 Iif you have not yet read the uplifiting report of this amazing work of the Holy Spirit, you are in for a real sign of hope! Listen to a podcast on “Black Liberation Theology” and Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Voters need to know the source of Obama’s “religious” formation. The reality is that Barack Obama is a Marxist who is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, the man who admired Lucifer as “the first revolutionary”. TheMuslim population in the world exceeded that of Catholics in 2006 for the first time in history, the Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano reported Sunday, adding that the makeover came about as a result of higher fertility among Muslims than Catholics. Turkey Instructs Religious Leaders to “FIND” Moderate version of Islam Blasphemy as “art” in Vienna’s cathedral of St.Stephen Speaking the Truth Equals “Islamaphobia? Sexualizing kids by internet games Pope baptizes Muslim:Fearless Faith in Face of Threats French President appoints pro-gay Nadine Morano as Director of Family Matters (if you read French, here is more from French bloggers on the appointment ) (and yet more in French here) Obama and Jeremiah Wright and Black anger: They think they are owed. Pope to open first Catholic Church in Saudi Arabia

“Currently, all Saudi citizens are required by law to be Muslim, and the Mutaween, or religious police, strictly prohibits the public practice of non-Muslim religions.

The last Christian priest was expelled from the kingdom in 1985.

However, the Vatican’s relationship with the Muslim world is improving rapidly, and Qatar opened its first Catholic church on Sunday.

Mgr El-Hachem said a church in Saudi Arabia would be an important sign of “reciprocity” between the faiths.”

Jesuits infiltrate Islam? A German Jesuit priest-scholar called Felix Koerner is helping state-funded Turkish Muslims create an “authentic” variety of Islam that can be reconciled with the modern world. A bit strange, don’t you think? Koerner (I never see him referred to as “Fr Koerner”) is strongly associated with the Ankara School, a movement of Muslim theologians whose attempts to create a cuddly, Euro-friendly version of Islam are supported by the Turkish government – and the BBC. (more here) Chaldean Archbishop Martyred The conditions posed by the kidnappers – sources in Mosul tell AsiaNews – in addition to an outrageous ransom on the order of millions of dollars, had also included the provision of weapons and the liberation of Arab prisoners held in Kurdish prisons. Spitzer resignation a relief for Catholics? The disgraced governor of New York has resigned. It may be very timely for Catholic institutions in New York; Spitzer proposed a bill that would compel Catholic hospitals, charity agencies, to permit or participate in abortion and procedures that result in the killing of unborn children. See Cardinal Egan’s letter to Catholic Faithful . Sex should be allowed in public parks, say police “The police’s National Diversity Expertise Centre (LECD) wants sex allowed in all public parks…Coming soon to us from this European nation. The Big Chill Demographic Winter Cools any Global Warming The Homosexual agenda and your children: Teaching AIDS to four year old girls courtesy of New York Times How to Speak Up about the Homosexual “Day of Silence” News Women Need Independent Women’s Forum

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  1. Thank you for the NEWS DIGEST. Informative.

  2. From your NEWS Digest page, article on adult stem cells; did you know that in Japan they have used cells in menstrual blood to aid heart patients? ADULT cells have promise,therefore there is no need to use embryonic stem cells.

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