Europe in Anguish: Benedict XVI

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Ratzinger advances steadily and inscrutably through history like a Panzer crossing enemy terrain, unflinchingly recording his Church’s losses and gradual collapse.


Research and assignments often take me to Europe. My great fortune has been to meet and work with incredible Christians whose zeal and tenacity are an inspiration. Over the last ten years I have seen both green shoots of hope that Europe will recover her faith, and sickening signs of decay. I fear the decay is wining.

Churches used as bazaars or museums was disheartening enough, but churches used now as mosques chills my blood. Worse, the apathy with which this misuse is received by Catholics in Europe is beyond my comprehension: I assume that I’ve simply been in denial, wanted to see the positive, searched out the lay groups that work tirelessly to promote the faith.

Pray for Europe. But read what Pope Benedict XVI has written on Europe. His is no Pollyana puffery. One senses that he understands not only the decay, but it source and timeline. A central theme of Pope Benedict’s papacy has been his defence of core Christian values in the face of what he sees as moral decline across much of Europe.

In Salt of the Earth then Cdl. Ratzinger suggests that we Catholics are in for a hard pruning before any “springtime” can flower. I begin to see his point.

My intent in this post is not to point fingers at European Catholics, but to plead with American Catholics–what you see in Europe is coming soon to America–unless, unless, unless…we simply cannot remain idle, every heart and soul must make recovery of the faith their number one mission in life.

How will YOU help?

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