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  1. Dear Mrs. Anderson,
    Recently I read your article on Inside Catholic about Saul Alinsky and Barrack Obama. Saul Alinsky’s Marxist strategy sounds much like what we have experienced in Canada in the Church. Here is an article published by the Western Catholic Reporter, the publication of the Archdiocese of Edmonton and on the participation of the Archdiocese in a Saul Alinsky project.

    Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth,

    thank you for the link.

    Years ago when I researched dissident Catholic groups I found that such “catholics” had been in various Alinsky groups. Many of the leaders of today’s dissident organizations use Alinky’s Marxist methods in their projects and programs. It is very effective when turned against those who have little education or those whose idealism overrides their reason.

  3. Dear Ms. Anderson,

    I think you have an engaging voice that adds much to the Catholic Culture. I was wondering if you might do a book chat. I recently read The Purple Culture and am eager to find others who’ve read it, and who want to discuss it in a logical and forthright manner.


    • Diana,
      hello, and thank you for the kind compliment.

      What a great idea–a book chat would be a fine means of helping each other engage the culture.

      I have not read The Purple Culture. Have you finshed the book–will it sustain an online chat?

  4. Mary Jo,
    My son listens to the Sacred Heart radio station every day. He called me today (09/08/09) to listen to your insightful article on Obama’s speech to our children. I caught only the last part of your commentary, but I want so much to hear all of it. Would you please let me know where I can find the complete text so I can share it with all my children for their children’s sake.
    Virginia Knipper

  5. Good Day: I have been looking throughout various on-line publications to see if you’ve written recently about the current church scandals. You did such a fine job in 2002 when the US scandals broke, I was hoping you might have tackled this conundrum.

    Suzanne Formanek

  6. Consider Daniel 10:21/12:9 – ‘sealed’ Book of Truth
    Seal of the Living God: message – 2/20/12
    Benedict: message – 2/19/13

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