Link Logic

One of the interesting things about visiting other blogs is the blogroll. I imagine we all have sites that we visit as much for the blogroll as for the content and conversation.

The trouble is that there are literally hundreds of wonderful blogs that merit a listing–so how does one edit the list into some manageable form?

Properly Scared elected to list on the front page sidebar those sites that are not personal blogs, but are links to good resources to help one be prepared for the culture war. Some of these sites have internal blogs and forums that you’ll find engaging.

A list of individual blogs that I think you’ll enjoy is listed below.

Please alert me if there is an important link I’ve omitted. I’m happy to rectify the situation ASAP.


Below are links to blogs that are of interest, though their listing in no way indicates my endorsement of all of their content, comments or links. Each has its own charm, news value, or insight. Please use discernment–it is possible to find yourself on objectionable sites within a few clicks of reasonable sites.

Blogs I visit listed in no particular order:

Uncle Di(ogenes)

Catholic Audio

Some Have Hats/and Clerics too


The Lair of Catholic Caveman/stout stuff

Andrew Cusack /stout Scot

Another Wild Scot

Tea At Trianon/Cake optional

Behold your Mother

Feminine Genius/Authentic women

Good Fruit

Standing on My Head (British Catholic)

The Brothers Judd/Straight talk


Prayer& pink roses/Joanna Bogle

Dymphna’sRoad( to sanity)

Inn at the End of the World

View of the East/From Texas

American Papist

Church of the Masses/Movies and more

An Amusing Hermeneutic

A Good Bet

A Blue Boar

PhatCatholic/youth caution

Godzdogz /gorgeous graphics


The Black Biretta/Fr. T

Radical angels

Father Z

3 Responses

  1. Hi, Mary Jo!

    Don’t forget Canticle magazine (especially since you’re a columnist)! (


    Heidi Saxton
    Editor, Canticle

    P.S. “Catholic Family and Human Rights” has a typo…

  2. MJ,

    Don’t forget Biblia Clerus, the new Vatican website with the Bible and various patristic commentaries, papal encyclicals, etc. nicely interlinked:

    Definitely worth spending a few hours browsing.

    God Bless,

  3. Ryan–yes!! Thanks very much.

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