Population Bomb? It’s a Myth

The discussion of population / overpopulation comes in many guises other than simply claiming that the world has too many people: birth control, abortion, euthanasia, and now “health care”  that forces Americans to undergo “end of life”  counseling.

Many already know the history of Margaret Sanger, the woman behind the modern American eugenics movement–and with the advent of the Nazi eugenics program, eugenics  was suddenly such an ugly word.   Thus, Sanger was rehabilitated as  a great proponent of birth control because she feared the increase in the ” wrong” kind of populations. But her sentiment was polished up and dressed in fancy “freedom from fertility” language when the Rockefeller pharmaceutical interests pushed “the pill” on America.  It is important to note that  the Rockefeller interest in population control preceded the development of the pill–meaning that the pill was not developed to give women “control over their fertility” but to introduce the idea of the two child family as the morally responsible thing to do for the good of your fellow man.

big family

The pill just made it so easy to do. Then  the next step was to program Americans to think and feel,”How dare you  consume more than your fair share of the earth’s resources?”  That is a breach of  decent civic behavior, you see?   Never mind that those who bear and educate  three, four or nine well adjusted and contributing new citizens, in fact ADD to the common good.

But the impression remains that the earth is groaning under the weight of six billion mouths to feed.

Is it so?


cherry harvvestWe Americans can feed the entire world.  We have sufficient land under cultivation and the technology to harvest, store, preserve  and ship vast quantities of food.  I am not necessarily making the case that we should do so, but that we could do so–thus it is a myth to think the earth cannot feed the current population (and more!).

Why then are there people going hungry each night?  Why is there famine in some areas of the world? The answers are complicated, but reduced to a few words, the problem is not capability but political will. Food is used as a carrot and a stick by international cartels and by dictators and tyrants. How do you subdue a people? Starve them. Control their food and access to land and seeds.

I have written about how and why the United Nations pushes abortion as a “universal human right.” It is crucial to understand that the U.N. is not concerned about actual freedom or rights, but instead uses abortion as one of the main methods to control the world’s families.    The U.N. is itself controlled and funded by those who want to curb world population (Ted Turner donated one billion dollars to the United Nations Population Fund). Here is a good article by Bishop John Nienstedt on the “word games” played by the U.N. to tighten the noose over the world’s people.

Whenever you hear a talking head or a co-worker insist that the world is overpopulated, do you assume the comment is aimed at you because you are Catholic and / or a “life issues voter”?    Informed people must begin a cogent and persuasive campaign that smashes the myth of overpopulation.  Because behind every push for abortion and euthanasia there is more than the Madison Avenue promise of “freedom over your body.”  There is population control.

This video is from the Population Research Institute, but I grabbed it from the Inside Catholic site.  In a brief 90 seconds you’ll see that the truth is that population has increased in proportion to  man’s advancement in his ability to produce food.


None of the dire predictions of  the population scaremongers has ever come to pass.

4 Responses

  1. Hello Mary Jo, you are RIGHT ON about the United Nations and their radical population control agenda! So…..I really hope you focus more on fighting & exposing the Earth Charter…. a major tool the UN and its anti-life allies will use to shrink & control the world’s population. They are spreading the Earth Charter into our parishes on a local basis through dissident “Catholic” groups like the LCWR….including 50 member orders which have online evidence they support the Earth Charter. Yuck! Please work with Johnette Benkovic and do some programs on EWTN about this? Then folks could protect their parishes from this sinister, inside attack. Let’s get this Trojan Horse out of the Church! Thanks for all you do to serve God. <

  2. It is not about feeding everyone idiot! it’s about the environment…the resources and the other life forms we share the environment with..
    why should we have more than 1 or 2 kids????? to have more fun ?

  3. @ Papa:

    You do realise that 99% of the species that have ever roamed this planet have died out, right? I mean, in the history of the Earth, long before man even existed.

    Even if that were not the case, it is not impossible to preserve the species of the world AND allow human beings to subdue the Earth. In fact, that would be a fascinating job, I think. To preserve species which are in danger of dying out for future generations and to find stuff out about them – perhaps if they can be exploited as medicine or somesuchthing – as long as they don’t go extinct due to us.

    But you need people in order to do these jobs. 😉 No people, no economy. And when your population shrinks, your economy shrinks.

    • So, let’s procreate. Megacities will grow, crime will grow, there will be no room for anything, just cities and fields. I am happy that I die before the Earth is choked by brainless Catholics

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