Reaping what was not sown

A nation that does not plant wheat does not have bread.

Such a nation must import either the wheat or the bread. Easy enough concept to grasp. The same applies in human resources.

NO babies, no workers. (Leaving aside the biblical imperative) Yet nations insist that prosperity comes from limiting human resources.

Spain (and the rest of Europe) faces a severe labor shortage.

“The percentage of foreign workers, who generate nearly half of the Spanish GDP growth, will grow from the current 20-25% to 35% of the Spanish workforce in 2010.” New reports put the number of foreign workers needed at 150,000 per year for Spain alone. Without the imported labor, the Spanish economy is threatened. Most of the imported labor is not Christian. Most are Islamic. Thus, the economy of Iberia may be saved for a the next generation, but not for Spaniards or their culture.

How did Spain find itself in such dire need of workers? Simple: Abortion and Contraception.

I’m amused when people tell me that God does not punish people for specific sins in specific ways. Every speech I deliver brings out a few well meaning souls who are too sophisticated to believe that certain behaviors are “punished” by God in some direct manner.

Okay. I see the exact meaning of their objection–but I maintain that the sin that is chosen carries within it the consequence (the “punishment”) that soon afflicts the sinner/ nation.

When the post modern Western world decided that personal material prosperity meant smaller families, or when individuals sought unlimited libidinal license minus children, they had no concept ( literally !) that their behaviors sowed seeds of national and cultural and familial death for the coming generation.

After all, it is called a generation for a reason–it must be generated.

The Death of the West can still be averted, but soon enough the mathematical point of no return will be upon us.

Population control as a personal or political policy is a death wish.


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