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For years I’ve resisted creating a personal blog because it is nearly all the fun I can stand just to cruise around reading and commenting at your blogs. And, as a journalist, writing for a blog can be be a distraction from “real” writing and research. However, some have pointedly suggested it is time that I reciprocate.


…………..hmmnn… that was four years ago.  Hello, again.   This  blog was orphaned for the past two years.  Time and circumstances are right once more to post reflections, op-ed, “reasoned rants” and general  information that does not fit the narrow confines of its sister site, maryjoanderson.net


MANY kind t hanks to Ryan at Catholic Audio for the perfect header design!! Isn’t it terrific? And his site is a daily must–load some amazing Catholic audio from his site–thanks again Ryan!

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There is no comment moderation. I trust visitors to use good manners. My viewpoints are formed by orthodox Catholicism. But sincere differences of opinion and perspective make for lively exchanges– please feel free to express strong positions if you’re the passionate sort. One caveat: My children might check-in so appropriate vocabulary is much appreciated.

sj-shell.gifA note about the avatar: It is the symbol of the Camino de Santiago. (The Way of St. James) The Camino is one of the most famous and beloved pilgrimages of all time. Pope John Paul II said it was instrumental in the creation of Europe. This symbol, a stylized cockle shell, is found on rocks, stone fences, the side of a barn, over door posts of bars and refugios…as a sign to pilgrims, “This way to St. James.”

About a decade ago I made this pilgrimage with one of my sisters….the experience captivated my heart and much of my soul. I suppose that forevermore I’ll see myself as a pilgrim…I’ve been back three times now and hope to return again…and again.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you– all of you who stumble across this blog. Welcome, welcome!

Mary Jo Anderson

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16 Responses

  1. Hello Mary Jo:

    Could your sister be Sister Philip Marie Burle, and the trip have been her annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land?

    Just curious……..for I chauffered Sister and had her at my home for dinner when she was here in December, and took her to lunch at Ali Baba one day with 2 of my 4 children…….Noah and Mina. I enjoyed her tremendously and the conversation was wonderful!


  2. Clarice! How perfectly odd. How did you find this post and then think of Sr. Philip Marie??

    Sister Philip Marie is perhaps a cousin–we are not sure. She is far more Lebanese than I, but my Grandmother’s family is from
    a small area of Lebanon where her family have roots. She is a dear, a marvel and much loved.

    But my own pilgrimage was to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where the body of St. James the Greater is buried. And I mad that pilgrimage with my actual sister.

    So fun to hear from you! Please visit again.


  3. don’t you have some photos from that adventure? please post.

  4. I just read a blog post where you wrote “Katherine, seriously, you would vote for Obama? The man is a MARXIST, utterly incompatible with Catholicism.”

    Evidently you have not the slightest clue as to what a Marxist is, or you’d know that Obama is ridiculously far from being a Marxist. If you opinions are this absurd and removed from reality, your blog isn’t worth reading. You may also want to take some political science and economics classes while you are at it to figure out the differences between Marxism, communism as actually practiced in places like the Soviet Union, European style socialism, US liberalism, and the moderate politics Obama espouses.

    It’s utter nonsense like this that screws up our political discourse…

  5. Ed, appreciate your visit.

    In response to your comments, may I invite you to read the works of Saul Alinsky, a Marxist “neighborhood organizer” who worked in Chicago and whose work Obama studied and wrote about. It is Alinsky’s tactics that Obama has used throughout his political career (Hillary also studied Alinsky, wrote her thesis on his work)

    I understand that to many such as yourself that Obama represents a certain image of socialism that you cherish, but he is not moderate by any definition. He is a pure Marxist.

  6. Properly Sacred:

    Your argument:

    Because Obama studied and wrote about a grassroots Leftist organizer, he is a Marxist.

    By your logic, if I studied and wrote about Mien Kampf, I’m a Nazi. If I study and write about anything, I am what I studied and wrote about.

    So – with no evidence except this ridiculous line of reasoning, and contrary to everything espoused in Obama’s policies listed on his website and discussed in his speeches, interviews and debates, you pronounce him a Marxist.

    Instead, this “Christian” is going to support a warmongering imperialist who voted in favor of torture and whose policies will lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands more innocent citizens most likely, just as Bush’s policies have done as recorded by iraqibodycount.org .

    I pronounce you a moron – and i think the evidence is quite conclusive that I am correct.

  7. Ed,

    no, Obama is not a Marxist because he studied and wrote about Saul Alinsky, the Marxist behind Neighborhood Organizing.

    Obama is a Marxist because he applies Marxist philosophy to his political positions, praises and supports Marxist dictators and is anti-life to the point of infanticide.

    Obama sees the world in the Marxist dialectic of class warfare, of the State as arbiter of freedom, and of confiscatory policies that enrich the state and punish productive citizens.

    As for the Iraq body count–it is less than the murder body count for one year here at home. Do you understand what that means? That you are less safe as a civilian in Detroit, Chicago or Los Angeles than you are as a US soldier in Iraq.

  8. I too, am properly scared and I am beginning a prayer campaign asking friends and acquaintances in my email address book to join. We are commiting to praying for 1/2 hour each Wednesday between 9 and 10 p.m. for our country and for the many assaults on moral law throughout the world. We’ve just begun…won’t some of you do the same? Along with prayer, I will be sending emails, even to those who I might “offend”, from some of the websites that MJA recommends with pertinent information that would cause one to become properly scared!!

  9. Thank you Joan!
    I’ll join you on Wednesdays. Bless you!

  10. Rather than respond to the various elements of properlyscared’s retarded-across-the-board argument, I’ll pick one piece, since it’s indicative of how brain addled her thinking is across the board.

    You say “you are less safe as a civilian in Detroit, Chicago or Los Angeles than you are as a US soldier in Iraq.”

    Unless your readers don’t have the capacity for critical thought, they’ll realize the mendacious absurdity of your comment, but it seems like all you’re giving me is flat-out lies, so I’m not surprised. But let’s pick this apart using Detroit as an example:

    You’re comparing the deaths amongst a massive amount of CIVILIANS in Detroit to deaths amongst a vastly smaller amount of TROOPS in Iraq – the apt comparison is CIVILIANS in Detroit to CIVILIANS in an Iraqi city – say Baghdad. Our troops aren’t the only folks who live in Iraq, after all. But you didn’t make that argument, did you? Why not? I’ll tell you why – the 39 deaths per month that Detroit averages are nothing compared to the approximately 1,500 monthly deaths by bombing / execution / shooting that occur in Baghdad each month per IraqBodyCount.org – which inly lists confirmed deaths with names and dates. This makes Iraq look like the disaster it is and doesn’t support your totally nonsensical spiel, and you know it.

    “you are less safe as a civilian in Detroit, Chicago or Los Angeles than you are as a US soldier in Iraq….”

    A comment almost as dumb as all the rest of the pathetic arguments on this site. I try to save my debunking for argument that are more difficult, but every now and again, one wants an easy target…

  11. Ed, it’s brevity, not mendacity.

    If you want to compare civilians in Detroit to civilians in Baghdad, you must first compare the death rate in Baghdad under Saddam–you’re surely not suggesting that Baghdad was a safe peaceful city before the arrival of US troops.

    Furthermore, the US troops are not responsible for the factional, sectarian fighting that accounts for Baghdad’s deaths.

    But that is not the point–you attempt to drag a pink herring across the path of this exchange. THE point I’m making is that if your concern is the number of US deaths due to the war in Iraq, then you must by logical coherence be hysterical about the US deaths in Detroit, LA, Chicago. Thus, Detroit et all are more of a disaster than the war.

    But the real matter at hand is Obama–the Marxist who woos your vote. The seduction begins by telling you haw dreadful things are NOW, but AFTER he is in office all will be Utopia. He paints a picture more glum that is true in order to frighten you into “change”—Hitler did the same. He promised the Germans “Change.” They got it, too.

  12. I’m afraid that it’s standard knowledge amongst everyone but yourself that more innocent Iraqis have died and are dying under the US occupation than died under Saddam. Yes – Bagdhad was more peaceful under Saddam. Do you consider daily suicide bombs killing scores of civilians to be peaceful? This is life for Iraqis during the Iraq War. This was NOT life under Saddam. A brutal dictatorship (Saddam) is bad – but it beats a chaotic failed state embroiled in a civil war. By the way – There WAS no widespread factional fighting of the type there is now before America invaded – Saddam repressed it! So we ARE responsible – you’re dead wrong here, and this is another obvious fact. Of course, these are all just concepts to you, but it’s real to Iraqis, which is why 85% of Iraqis have stated in polls that it’s “ok to kill Americans.” But I thought we’d be greeted as liberators???

    Lastly, your argument makes not a lick of sense, once again. To paraphrase, you say “if I am concerned about Iraqi deaths…I must be concerned about deaths in America’s cities…so deaths in Detroit are a bigger deal.” Um – what on earth are you talking about? 40 murders per month in Detroit are a bigger deal than thousands of deaths per month in Bagdhad? Only if you are a racist or xenophobe and think Iraqis are “worth less” in God’s eyes. are you kidding me? what kind of argument is this??

    And then, of course, you end with yet another non-sensical “Obama is a Marxist” rant. I’m afraid you don’t actually know what a Marxist is, ma’am, and then drop in the Hitler comment even though it has nothing to do with your argument.

    Change. Hmm. Well – if you support Bush’s torture policies, why would you want change? If you support a $9 trillion dollar deficit, why would you want change? If you like that McCain has a ZERO rating by the League of Conservation Voters because he’s an environmental nightmare per his voting patterns, the why change? If you think we should deny poor children health care (and supported Bush’s veto of SCHIP,) then why change? If you like aggressive war that gets hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, why change? If you want to be spied upon and have your civil liberties infringed upon per Bush’s FISA laws, why change?

    We change because we support something better, and so does Obama. These things you stand for with your vote are abominable, and those who support them should be ashamed.

  13. BxV1Rm hi nice site thx http://peace.com

  14. edbowlingshoe writes that it is “standard knowledge amongst EVERYONE that moe innocent Iraqis have died under the US occupation than died under Saddam.” We should all bow in reverence I’ve never before heard of anyone who has personal knowledge of how EVERYONE thinks. This is someone who in standard liberal fashion uses attack not fact. There is no reason to believe that edbowlingshoe is more factual with regard to his count on who and how many died in Iraq since America’s arrival. As for Marxism the proper definition is Marxism (the economic and political theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that hold that human actions and institutions are economically determined and that class struggle is needed to create historical change and that capitalism will ultimately be superseded by communism). And there is no question that Obama is a Marxist. In his own words on Chicago Radio he said that that more important than protecting the people’s right to vote are the “basic issues of political and economic justice” in American society such as “redistribution of wealth and he said that we need to be released from “the essential restraints that were placed (on our government) by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution–and he said that “we can bring about economic change through the courts.” And he is taking his first step in doing just that via his appointment of Cass Sunstein, Obama’s friend and fellow Marxist. You people really need to take a serious look at the man you have all put into office. He is not a herald for freedom and the American way of life.

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