They voted for him before they voted against him

By now most faithful Catholics (as in “faithful to the teachings of the Catholic  Church”) know someone who admits that they voted for Obama, but wish they could push cosmic reset button and unvote their temporary insanity. Alas.

No poll will appear that asks  voters who pulled the lever for Obama if they would do so today. No matter. We know from anecdotal confessions on blogs, webpages and even national talking head voyeurs that significant numbers of voters would rescind their votes were it possible to do so.  The fracas at Notre Dame affords us a view from the wrong end of the telescope. It is worse than any hesitant lever-puller imagined. The shock some feel is near laughable–could they truly–truly?– not have known.

obama-punishmentAmong  us, wherever go, there are well meaning Catholics who had supposed  that matters such as a “living wage,” universal health care, hatred of the war in Iraq and “hope”  were cause enough to overlook the one other matter–abortion–that burdened their deliberations in 2008.  Some can be forgiven their myopic angle of view since so many US Catholics lack any schooling in basic theology.

Greater anguish resides in those who knew. And knew that they knew.  Recently an acquaintance  remarked that he could not douse his smoldering anger at Obama for a “breech of trust.”   This man is an attorney who attends mass  faithfully with his family in tow. He is a self described “happy papist.”  Not so happy at the moment.  His  idea was that Obama implied that he would proceed in an open, civil manner that permitted Catholics who disagreed with his principles to trust his good will.

I am not certain that the opposite might better serve us–that is, to vote for principle and never mind the good will. Here I take good will to be less about goodness than good form. Obama seduced many with his polished good form. However empty of any substance that can objectively be described as “good”, candidate Obama excelled at good form, good style, good packaging.  But now that the package has been opened the truth is impossible to escape.  And the truth is not about Obama who hid nothing from us.

No, the truth is about flaccid Catholics who heard what they wanted to hear and shut out all else in a flimsy hope (that word again!) that  somehow it would work out.

Catholics made the election of a hardened abortion proponent possible. Without a majority of the Catholic Vote this national nightmare could not have happened.

The one hope, perhaps, is that we have here a teachable moment. Every Catholic who now regrets his November insanity is open to our voice of faith –faith not in one  man’s promises however smoothly delivered–faith in the enduring ever new ever eternal voice of the Church who calls us back from the precipice.

The Pope Connects the Dots on Marriage

“…in less than three years of his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI has spoken publicly about marriage on 111 occasions. His pronouncements connect marriage to such overarching themes as human rights, world peace, and the conversation between faith and reason.”

This is the lead of Maggie Gallagher’s recent article on Pope Benedict and Marriage-really worth reading.

I made a similar point about the Pope’s insight –how he connects the dots from the family to global peace and prosperity–in this recent WorldNet Daily article.

The matter of marriage will be enormous in the 2008 election. Both of the democratic candidates will work for passage of a “gay-rights” bill. The storm of the Texas polygamy case continues in the media–yet another whap to those of us who realize that marriage must be defended in LAW, in the culture, in social policy…

Many states will have marriage amendments on the ballot as well.

It is crucial that Catholics are prepared to promote marriage as a legal definition that confines the elements of marriage to the exclusive bond of one man and one woman. (Catholics would like the “permanent bond” wording, but in a secular society accustomed to easy divorce that is not politically viable. )

The topic is very tender for many families. There can be no condemnation of persons who struggle with same-sex attraction. Yet, we must confront the organized and determined homosexual agenda.

Here is a link to a debate in which I participated (with an attorney for a “gay-rights” organization) on the subject of legalizing same-sex unions.

When the Pope received Catholic Mary Ann Glendon, a Harvard Law professor, as the new US Ambassador to the Vatican in February, he stressed the need for America to insure “the safeguarding of the institution of marriage, acknowledged as a stable union between a man and a woman, and that of the family.”

SCARY! Looking for Signs:Spain (and France)(and Itlay)

Today Spaniards go to the polls to elect a new president.


this just in: Socialist city councilman Isaias Carrasco was shot dead just hours before Spain’s elections began today. The 42-year-old was shot dead near his home in the Basque town of Mondragon.

The cynic in me is suspicious–after all, Zapatero was elected in 2004 on a wave of panic after Muslim Terorrists bombed Madrid’s train station. Early this week, polls showed Popular Party (Conservative) candidate Mariano Rajoy was slightly ahead of the socialist incumbent, Zapatero. The timing of the assassination is too convenient–and appears to demonstrate the violence of the Right–although the Basque separatists are not affiliated with the Popular party. A new killing drama by might be the edge that Zapatero needed to edge out Rajoy, and keep Spain firmly in the grip of anti-family socialists.

Original post:

The current feckless–no, dangerous!–president of Spain is Jose Zapatero, the socialist who issued in anti-family policies including “rapid divorce” and “gay marriage.” He was elected on the panicky backlash just days after Muslim terrorists bombed Madrid’s train station in 2004. The challenger is Mariano Rajoy, of the more conservative People’s Party. Rajoy has the support of the Spanish bishops. In December over a million Spaniards jammed into Madrid to hear a message from the Pope and to support the natural family.spain.jpg

Rajoy’s campaign called for restrictions on the Islamic veil and proposes that immigrants sign a legal contract to integrate into Spanish society. I may be looking for signs, but his goal of curbing Islamic immigrants, customs and excesses appear to be a message: Rajoy is from Galicia the province in Spain where Santiago de Compostela is home to the relics of St. James the greater. St. James is the patron of Spain, the saint invoked as Catholics fought to free themselves of Muslim domination. Please pray, ask St. James for his intercession on behalf of Spain.

Pray also for France–municipal elections tomorrow. A Muslim is running for mayor of Strasbourg: Mohammed Latreche of the Party of the Muslims of France.


Americans take note: Mohammed ‘s campaign promises “real change.” No kidding. Have we heard this before? The Muslim candidate calls for Halal food in government institutions (schools, universities, hospitals).

We can be sure that is just the beginning of the Islamization of Strasbourg.

Meanwhile, Italy’s national parliament is dissolved and elections are scheduled for April 13th. As in other European countries, family policy and cultural rights are at stake.

—John Paul II, intercede for Europe, we pray.

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