Obama’s Chilling Cleverness

That is a the title of Hadley Arkes’ new commentary on the presence of Evangelical super-star, Rick Warren, at the inauguration of Barack Obama.

rick-warrenWarren is the author of The Purpose Driven Life, a phenomenon in the world of Protestant study programs. The book has been used by thousands of Protestant churches for their Sunday schools.   Warren has held adamant pro-life , pro-family views.

His fame was catapulted into the mainstream world of politics when he hosted the 2008 presidential candidates and put the question to Barack Obama, “When does life begin?”

It was simply a matter of time before Obama would find the means to gig Warren publicly  in return.

And, gig him good is precisely what Obama has done by having the hapless pastor apply a fig leaf of Christan rectitude  to Obama’s murderous abortion policies at the inauguration when he gave the invocation.

Professor Arkes writes, “Nothing has brought home more surely the consummate cleverness of Obama in offering that invitation to Warren, making it impossible for him to refuse, and gaining nothing but dividends for himself from every angle.”

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2 Responses

  1. Bone-chilling, yes. Brilliantly cunning, yes.

    Am I properly scared?


  2. Obama is always right!

    Straight ahead with Obama!

    He has buried the putrid corpse of liberty!

    Chilling Factor:

    Obama dozed white folks froze in Kentuctrina!

    Obama don’t like Kentuctrina rednecks!

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