Triumph of the Cross

I’m in Sacramento for a conference, please forgive the  light blogging.

But do visit the newly uploaded for quotes and resources on Catholics and the election of 2008.

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September 14th was the feast of the Triumph of the Cross.  Someday I hope to be back in Oviedo Spain for this feast.  In the cathedral of San Salvador there reposes the most astounding relic of The Crucifixion, the Sudarium of Christ. This is the “other cloth” that St. John’s gospel describes, distinct from the Shroud.  Pope John Paul II held this relic and declared it authentic. On the 14th of September the canons of San Salvador remove the Sudarium and use it to bless the people.This blessing is repeated on Good Friday. Only twice a year the precious relic is exposed to air.

More on the Sudarium here

A day’s drive to the east along Spain’s Atlantic, Catabrian coast one can descend into a valley to visit what is believed to be the largest piece of the True Cross outside of the Vatican.   There, in the spectaular Picos de Europa, the secluded monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana, gaurds a segment of Christ’s cross. It has been protected here since before the invasion of the Moors.

When I visited  Santo Toribio Ipurchased a large number of prints from the eighth century apocalyptic visions of  the monk, Beatus.

In the VIII century, Beatus, abbot of Liébana and Visigoth bishop, wrote a dark and striking commentary on the Apocalypse, inspired by fear of the coming millennium. This text became a bestseller, copied by numerous artists and amanuenses over the following two centuries. Thus the Beati were born and continued over the millennium to become the iconographic source for the most important Romanesque marble and for the builders of great cathedrals.

If you speak Spanish this video will amaze you


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