Obama and Marxism

My newest article at Inside Catholic.com explores Obama’s Marxist formation. There is a bit of a food fight in progress over there–feel free to join the fun.

Doubtless you’ve all heard radio talking heads mention–with deserved derision–Obama’s claim to fame as a “community organizer.” What excactly is that? What IS a “community organizer”?

The phrase is a euphemism for “agitator for change”, in short, Obama’s modus operandi. The model is from Marxist Saul Alinsky, author of the twin scourges, Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals. Organizers schooled in the Alinsky method –and Obama was (as well as many other leftists like Hillary Clinton whose dissertation was on Alinsky) –seek out the poor, the lower income workers and exploit their anxieties and resentments. What the “organizer” does is to package their various grievances so that these groups hurdle their usual suspicions of each other in order to unite as a force that city /State officials “must ” deal with. You know a better word for this–extortion.

The bottom line is that the agitator goes to the city council with the angry mob at his left hand and “suggests” that the city knuckle under to the demands of the newly organized group. When the city capitulates, the “organizer” returns to his mob and announces his victory on their behalf.

He is hailed as a savior. His power grows. The city now courts his favor because the organizer is the key to keeping these fomenting factions contained.  And, often as not, the organizer does push the city into doing some things that were needed. But that true motivation is to gain political power for the agitator, to curry favors and funds and to gather strength to push for even greater “change.” The “change” is rarely moral or healthy in the long run. It is cosmetic. It looks good until the fruit ripens and rotten pit is exposed.

Exhibit A is the horror of South Chicago where Obama’s cronies (Resko) bilked the city of millions for “public housing.” Housing so shabby that it was condemned in less than 15 years as uninhabitable. But Obama and company lined their own pockets with cash and power. The poor had a “victory” courtesy of Obama for three or four years…until the roofs leaked and the doors warped and the plumbing rusted.

Today the poor of South Chicago are still poor, and poorly housed. But Obama, following the Alinsky model he applied so astutely, is hailed as a redeemer, a power-broker for the poor. Who was served? The poor or a Marxist politician with dreams changing America into a nation of  unified– that is– “organized” serfs?


9 Responses

  1. Mary Jo,
    stay on this and don’t let it go. Too few Catholics get it–Marxism and socialism do not square with the gospel or the teachings of the Church.

  2. Community organizers are thugs in suits.

  3. Mary Jo,

    Thank you so much for writing this. I really had no idea what a “community organizer” was. This needs wide distribution.

  4. Why not do an article on the scandal of Obama Catholics?

    If every Catholic would spend five reasoned minutes with Catholic Obama supporters it might save them from grave sin.

  5. Obama has to many marxist connections. Any Catholic should KNOW their Candidate and his policies before voting for him…


  6. Pray that God will open the eyes of those in and those out of the Church with divine intervention! This cannot happen to our nation…or the world. God help us!

  7. Listen to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity and you wil learn all about these Marxists and what they are doing. These are Patriots, showing us the way.

  8. I want to add that when I was a child, we prayed for the Conversion of Russia. Today we need to Pray for the Conversion of the United States.

    • yes, we need to pray for our nation, a return of hearts to the very reason the nation was founded–to worship God in freedom.

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