Same-sex unions and Catholic public engagement

July 22

Please see my newest column and the discussion at Inside Catholic

on “Sins of Omission: Catholics, Marriage and Politics”

Surely, for many Catholics, the matter of “fairness” for homosexual persons that we love is a wrenching dilemma. Most of us know or work with wonderful people who struggle with same-sex attraction. It’s natural to want happy and healthy lives for our family members, friends and colleagues. However, the homosexual lifestyle does not lead to happiness or health.

The information on violence and disease that accompanies the homosexual sub-culture is suppressed. Few understand that to approve or promote the lifestyle as a “fairness” issue is a grave injustice to the person with same-sex attraction. It sells a lie–that they will find happiness in a disordered lifestyle.

If we truly love, we do what is right for the other, not what is expedient and comfortable for us.

* * *

“Bless me father for I have sinned” … how often do we fail Christ because we neglect to inform ourselves about what the Church teaches? Scripture and Magisterial teachings prohibit same sex acts, same-sex unions–and when we shrink from teaching and speaking this truth “in season and out” then we fail Christ.

Please read this document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on legalizing same-sex unions.

Hopeful information: Gender Identity Disorder can be observed in little children as young as four-five years old. Competent professionals can reverse the confusion if the child is given help early.

Resources include

Gender Identity Disorder in Children


2 Responses

  1. Wow. Excellent “rant.” I found particularly interesting the article on gender indentitiy that you linked at the end. The author could have been describing my brother as a youngster. The only thing I never saw my brother do was dress in feminine clothing.

  2. Hi Christine, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the information is is so important–we could prevent most cases of SSA with proper education for parents–how to be sensitive to the child who going into the developmental task of gender identification.

    That’s the good news! There is a means of preventing this misstep in childhood.

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