Sinful Silence

The homily this morning, Feast of Sts Peter and Paul, stung me. The newly ordained priest is still full of the zeal. Fr. W has just returned from Rome where he visited the catacombs said to have been a one-time “home” to both St. Peter and St. Paul.

With gospel fire in his voice he asked us, “How is it that the Early Christians risked everything to evangelize, but we are unwilling to risk an arched eyebrow at the neighborhood BBQ. Social discomfort is the most a typical American or Canadian will experience when sharing the gospel, but we chicken out! What if martyrdom comes, my people? Who of us will be able to stand?”

It was a short homily.

He said, “There are 1.3 Billion Catholics on this planet. If only 10% spoke up, what a noise that would be! Do you hear it? DO YOU HEAR IT? Neither do I, my people. I hear silence. A sinful silence. If you have not stood up for your Catholic beliefs you have denied Christ–because you are His people, His voice. Ours is a sinful silence, my people. There really isn’t a need to say anything more.”

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