Abortion and Bishops

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BISHOPS Probed by US Gov.

In January 2008 the Richmond Virginia chapter of Catholic Charities
arranged for and transported a 15 year-old to an abortion facility.
(See Washington Times story below).

Some of you know have already written to me about Catholic Charities.
In the past I've written about Catholic Charities and the(deservedly!)
much criticized Campaign for Human Development. This one abortion is
likely to be one of many--it's simply that THIS is the one
that was discovered.

Catholics are called to be "good stewards."
 Increasingly, donations made to Catholic Charities and CHD
as well as other national charitable organizations are questionable
at best. Many of you are alumni of Catholic colleges whose
Catholicity is a memory only. Perhaps it is time that we
Catholics reconsider donations made
to such institutions.
Please consider sending a portion of your tithe monies and
donations to those groups (charitable, educational)that heroically
maintain a true CATHOLIC identity.

Some good choices are Women for Faith and Family (WFF),
Catholic Answers and Women's New Life Center.   WFF is laudable
for its fidelity.WFF publishes  Voices
And, I know you'll find that their website is a fantastic source of
information and inspiration. 

Catholic Answers is known to most Catholics. It is the
premier apologetics apostolate. Their straightforward and
tightly presented defense of the most difficult of doctrinal
teachings has helped many a convert and re-verts.  

Women's New Life Center struggles to offer services to women
in hurricane stricken New Orleans.  I've  had the pleasure of sharing
the podium with Susan Mire, the foundress of the Center.
She is a delightful young woman with a mission and that
gentle Southern manner.

AND, for Karen's groupies, the Women's New Life Center will host the
FIRST ANNUAL FAIS DO-DO this fall (That's a Cajun hoedown, folks!)
honoring the Jesuit Pro-Life Club.(For fun, check out my review
on A Cajun Christmas )

We want to keep in mind, too, that our local parishs or diocese may
have its  own worthy apostolate that needs your help.  

At every conference I am asked,
"What can I do? I'm just one person?" 

All of us make an enormous contribution to reconverting
the culture when we support truly Catholic endeavors. 

Keep the faith! 

Virginia law eyed in girl's abortionBishops alerted to U.S. probe

Washington Times

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  1. Mary Jo, this is off-topic, but thank you so much for recommending “Trianon” on InsideCatholic.com.

  2. Elena, –of course! It was a great read.

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