Gay Agenda Gears Up for Election Season

Expect to see increased news coverage of gay-related events as we head into the election season.

Obama has pledged to prevent the marriage amendment. The gay lobby is anxious to convince voters that their lifestyle choice is normal, all American and only bigots would say other wise.

The Catholic left participates in this strategy. Here is an example from”Catholic” Boston College:

Boston College Hosts Panel Promoting Gay “Love Across Boundaries”

Manassas, VA – On Monday, June 16, Boston College hosted the annual Bloomsday Boston, which included a panel discussion entitled “Love Across Boundaries.” According to the advertisement for the event on Craigslist, “A highlight of the evening will be a conversation with notable Bostonians whose love lives extend across boundaries of all kinds.”

Highlighted panelists are Paul McLoughlin II, Assistant Dean, Harvard College and his partner Jason Shumaker, Asst. Director of Financial Aid, MIT.

According to the ad., “McLoughlin and Shumaker are an openly gay couple, who were featured in the cover article in the NYTimes magazine –Young Gay Rights, April 27, 2008, about the trend of gay men marrying in their 20s.”

The event was sponsored by a Boston-area cultural center in partnership with the Office of the Provost at Boston College. Boston College’s Bapst Art Library provided the venue for the panel.

* * *

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