California: The Perfect Storm

RADIO ALERT:  I’ll be discussing the California Court’s decision and the importance of marriage tomorrow (may 21) on KBVM 88.3 FM at 8:00 am PST.  (Portland Oregon and surrounding area)

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UPDATE: Will California Court’s decision stand?

This morning the state of California’s Supreme Court voted overwhelmingly to overturn the California citizens’ ban on same-sex unions. This is a very significant set back for marriage in the USA because they ruled a right to marriage to be a “natural” right on par with free speech. Very troubling is the fact that the majority of the judges were republican, as is the “Governator” who has said he will support the ruling.

California voters will again vote on the matter in November’s general election–the people have raised the required number of petition signatures to put a marriage amendment on the ballot. But even if they pass a Marriage Amendment, this same state supreme court will likely over turn it again.

Add to that California’s ruling that against homseschooling and we have a “perfect storm” brewing. Where same-sex unions a legal, “married” homosexuals will be demonstrative i public, text books, children’s books and every cultural venue will feature images of homosexuality.

Those families whose moral, ethical and religious convictions oppose same-sex unions will be subject to some version of “hate speech” ordinances/legislation. Those who can will move from the state. Also, those couples whose unions are not legal in their home states will migrate to California.

Florida and several other states now have marriage amendments on the November ballots. In each state the homosexual lobby is poised to challenge the outcomes.

It is not difficult to see a very troubling horizon.


2 Responses

  1. I’m not an attorney, but I don’t think that the state court can oppose an amendment since it’s a part of the state constitution. I suppose they could try to toss out the vote that approves it.

    I’m fairly confident that this issue will be going to SCOTUS in the somewhat near future.

  2. Phillip, I pray that you are right–that it goes to SCOTUS. Meanwhile we must pray that the states that have marriage amendments on the ballot for November are successful!
    Heaven help us.

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