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I wrote “Wisdom in the Ruins” earlier this month about the Tocqueville Forum award that Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. of Georgetown received on April 10th. Here is a link to the very fine comments by the Professor McInerny ( “THERE WAS A MAN”) that evening–a look at education at America’s colleges and a tribute to an incomparable professor–it’s a treat! You won’t regret taking the time to read this.

The day after Fr. Schall received the award he invited me to attend one of his classes ( On Plato!) –which I did with great relish. The students clearly adore this wise and witty octogenarian. No wonder that they lauded him just a week later–the students of Georgetown voted Fr. Schall their favorite! What I particularly noted was how the professor respected his students, and they returned the favor.

I am near to gushing here, so let me simply remark that two of Father Schall’s favorite descriptives are “winsome” and “lightsome” and he is both. He is a priest who is alert to the beauty of God’s creation, the exquisite order of things, and our happy task to discover this ordered beauty. An encounter with Fr. Schall changes you angle of view—the world takes on a a new hue.

Nothing would please me more than if some of you who are not familiar with his work would reward yourselves with one of his “lightsome” books.

I routinely give copies of Fr. Schall’s ANOTHER SORT OF LEARNING as graduation gifts. A series of short essays that are a frolic through the wonder of life, yet have a kernel of deep theology embedded. A young person who reads these essays will effortlessly, eagerly ingest great wisdom. For everyday delights there is his Idylls and Rambles. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

For the more erudite or academic sorts who chance upon this blog, there is Roman Catholic Political Philosophy.

Many families are making choices about colleges —here is another good article on choosing “Catholic” by Fr. Kenneth Baker.


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