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Thanks to Joanne for the heads-up!

From Bill  Williams, Human Life International:

Clearly, God is  moving throughout Hollywood.  For the last two years,
most movies that  covered the abortion debacle have been decidedly
pro-life.  The  new hero is one that sacrifices his or her own concerns
for the sake of  their preborn children.

In the Spring of  this year, Ben Stein goes for the jugular that
supplies all the  false ideology that fuels today’s rebellion against
God and  truth.  He is taking on the establishment enslaved by
Darwinism and  exposing not only its improbability, but its dangerous
intellectual  suicide that refuses to follow the evidence where it
leads and that of  course is back to God our Creator.  This is going to
be a huge hit  against the strongholds that have captured our media,
science,  universities, and culture.

Spread this film  clip far and wide and support this film. 

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I’m off to EWTN for a couple of days…prayers welcomed!


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  1. i love ben stein. not only are his observations correct, he serves them up with a great wit and humor. its always the crawling fish that have the sour attitudes. grrherhahaha! however im not as optimistic that humanist university indoctrination can be that easily dismantles. i wish!

    (i bet humanist isnt even a word!)

    please post the time of your EWTN broadcast so i can TiVo it. God bless you.

    2 weeks to go on Lent! i will miss it, though.

  2. What a fabulous looking blog! I am impressed!

  3. Question: was your impression from this promo:

    -that Dr. Sternberg lost the editorship position of his journal?
    -that Dr. Meyer’s paper made an argument about the origin of life?

  4. Thank you SHE. I will post the EWTN times–but I think the first is not until after Easter.

    Thanks j.t.! Please visit frequently.

    BAD…the point is that scientists sometimes have agendas–they attempt to co-opt science to serve their personal world views.

    Example: Not one cure (or even lasting improvement) has been achieved using embryonic stem cells. Conversely some amazing results have been achieved using adult stem cells. Yet, there are scientists who insist that embryonic cells are necessary for “humanitarian ” purposes. Not true.

    Some researchers simply do not tolerate any reins or cubs on their arrogant assumption that science and its possibilities must be explored at the expense of human life, human dignity. They do not need the embryonic cells, but the shriek like scalded cats when thwarted. They resort to bending the facts.

    Ben Stein’s movie is not just about “how we got here” but about how science can be agenda driven as opposed to being faithful to actual facts that scientific investigation uncovers.

    Last point, underneath your question is the implication that belief in God who created the universe is de facto an “anti-scientific” position. It’ not. What is anti-scientific is to posit that God did not create the universe. That statement simply cannot be proved or even supported as a a viable scientific theory.

  5. properlyscared: you didn’t answer either of my two questions. Why not? Why change the subject so quickly when you are claiming the mantle of the champion of “actual facts?”

    And I’m not sure you know what you are talking about in the case of stem cells, because a number of the breakthroughs in adult stem cell research only came about because of prior research on embryonic cells (for instance the the Japanese breakthrough) and will continue to use embryonic cells to perfect those techniques.

    And your argument is simply a fallacy anyway: the fact that one line of research has shown promise is not evidence that people are wrong in thinking that a different, more difficult line of research does not or that people are wrong to think it would not.

    Of course, I also do not believe that experimenting on stem cells has any bearing on human life or human dignity in the first place. No human being with any capacity for dignity has ever been a stem cell.

    Ben Stein’s movie is not just about “how we got here” but about how science can be agenda driven as opposed to being faithful to actual facts that scientific investigation uncovers.

    If that were really the case, then it wouldn’t need to lie at every turn to make its case. It’s amazingly laughable that a movement that exists almost entirely as a PR firm, marketing company, and a revival movement is running around accusing other people of being “agenda driven.”

  6. Bad:
    I did not change the subject, I returned to it. Your questions do not advance insight on the matter of science as handmaiden of business or politics. But to remove any feigned impediment, the answers are:

    First Q, No
    Second Q, It matters not.

    You’re not sure I know what I’m talking about on stem cells?
    You mean that you are not sure what I am talking about on stem cells.

    Light shined on dark:

    Adult stem cells are stable, efficacious, and decades ahead of embryonic stem cell research. There are NO cures from ESCR, but thousands from adult stem cells.

    It is not a “fallacy” to state that adult stem cells work, but your ESCR has failed thus far. It is science’s own statement. It is not a fallacy to state that embryonic cells are UN-necessary for “humanitarian ” purposes. Embyonic stem cells have not been proven to be necessary. And please re-read my comment–I made no reference to the future possibility obtaining a success from ESCR. I said the need could be met ,and is met, with adult stem cells.

    You say: “No human being with any capacity for dignity has ever been a stem cell.”

    No, the human beings were sliced and diced to get at their stem cells–that is no tribute to dignity.

    Keep in mind, there are four types of stem cells: Adult stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells, embryonic germ stem cells and embryonic stem cells. The germ cells can be obtained from miscarriages, with no assault on a living child. In short,
    the moral position permits three of the four types of stem cells to be used in research without causing injury to the living child or turning society into Frankenstein– a once well meaning physician with a desire to heal and help, but whose moral compass was pulled off course by pride.

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